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A decision has been reached regarding the spinnaker rule change proposal:-

That will now be postponed for further trials of the new spinnakers which will be reported on at the 2018 AGM, when it can be discussed but not voted upon

Continuation of trials until the end of October 2018

November 1st 2018 send out findings and postal vote to all current fully paid up members of the class association to be returned by 15th November 2018

The postal vote will show:-

The proposal and the results of the trials

Results returned indicate no change to rule, then to impose a 5 year moratorium until the AGM 2023 before any further amendment to sail plan can be proposed for rule change. Hon Class Secretary to write to RYA advising them of moratorium passed (they hold copyright for the boat)

Results returned approving the rule change. Class secretary to send details to RYA for ratification by their committee for use immediately after the 2019 Championships. Those details sent to RYA to be copied to David Chivers and John Donavan who are at present the two measurers for the class. It is anticipated then that the RYA will ratify before the AGM 2019.  Notice can be given of your option to upgrade once ratified by the RYA

This summer we need assistance with proper trials if this is to be successful:-

We will need the services of two sets of crews and two ribs or other suitable boats one at the start line and one at the finish, complete with stop watches and a camera that can be used in wet conditions.

We need three competent helms and crews of similar standard. We also need one lightweight crew and helm.

We need to borrow some sailmakers existing and proposed spinnakers so NOBODY sails their own kite. That will give two of each size.

Ideally we need to get hold of 4 go-pro’s to film the action which we can then publish on the website.

Trialling should start early in the day so that everyone has a chance to sail with each spinnaker before the start.

There will be three courses, one a dead run, the others a tight reach and a broad reach.

There will be Start line and a finish line, set, as near as can be judged say 500 M apart. The start line being set wide enough so that there is plenty of space between boats and in a position where tides won’t compromise results.

Starting with the run

Boats to hoist kites at a buoy set approximately 70M from the 'start' line and “trundle up to the line to get there as near as possible together each keeping to its given lane.

On completion of course, boats swap kites until all boats have used each kite in each lane.

On completing that, complete the process again on both broad reaches and then tight reaches.

That’s a lot of sailing in one day

Inevitably there will be small differences in performance between the boats and crew expertise. It may be found better to send off in pairs so there is less likelihood of dirty wind compromise etc

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