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Annual General Meeting of the RYA National Hornet Class Association

Thorpe Bay Yacht Club 115 Thorpe Bay Gardens, Southend-on-Sea SS1 3NW

On Sunday 12th August 2018, At 1800 hrs




1.      Apologies for absence

2.      To agree the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13th August 2017

3.      Chairman’s report

4.      Election of Officers:

a.       Chairman:                  Eric Marchbanks         standing for re-election

b.      Hon Treasurer:            Peter Willans              standing for re-election

c.       Hon. Secretary:           vacant

5.      Nominations for Committee

Vice chairman              Sam Woolner                       standing for re-election

Web Site                     Tom Guy                              standing for re-election

Membership Secretary  Jo Powell                             standing for re-election


Members                     Clint Styles                           standing for re-election

                                  Jon ”Strangler” Williams       standing for re-election

        Mike Owen                           standing for re-election

                                          Martin Arnison                      standing for re-election

                                          Steve Harrison                       standing for election


6.      Treasurers Report, adoption of the accounts and appointment of auditors

7.      Amendments to constitution and agreement of membership classes and fees for the same

8.      Fund raising

9.      Update on trials of larger spinnaker

10.                Future Championships

11.              Any Other Business –

       N.B. Matters raised under any other business are for discussion only and no decisions can be made.

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