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Championships 2006

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Topic: Championships 2006
Posted By: Tom Guy
Subject: Championships 2006
Date Posted: 27 June 2005 at 15:45

For 2006 we were planning to join the Javelins at Stokes Bay (The Solent). This arrangement has fallen through and the Javelins are now going to Filey (North somewhere!).

Has ayone any particular thoughts for next year? Bearing in mind Carlo's comments from Sandwich, perhaps this venue should be up for consideration:

Weather was perfect. Sunny and just enough wind wich gave us the oppertunity to get used to the boat. There was close racing all through the field. The lenght of the races was good (not too long) and with not too much time inbetween. Also racing was in such a place on the water that spectators could follow what happened from the beach. Complements for the racecommitee 

Also the on shore activities were well organised and of good quality.It was a lot of fun on and of the water. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

It would be great to have a championship in Sandwich providing short traveltimes for people from Poland and Holland

Posted By: kevin
Date Posted: 27 June 2005 at 20:30

Think that Sandwich would give us a great weeks sailing, with the possibility of a fairly big turnout, but this could cause it's own problems.

The facilities at Sandwich are fairly basic as anyone that has visited will agree, and for a week I think they would struggle to cope. Especially if a large number of competitors choose to camp.

If we can solve these problems I think it would make an excellent venue based on the last two open events.

They certainly seem very keen to host the event.


Posted By: Duncan West
Date Posted: 01 July 2005 at 08:16

Sandwich sounds a good venue to me, lots of boats in the South East,

will start looking for a good tent,


Posted By: CLINT
Date Posted: 01 July 2005 at 14:05

As an attendee of the last 2 Sandwich Opens I agree there has been a good turn out, the sailing has been excellent and lots of smiles on faces.  The water is open and Jim and Alan have set very good lines and courses.  I can remember chamionships where you could only start on one tack, no beats, courses under cliffs and a shortened race due to a ferry leaving!  We all know how much effort Eric has put into organising these events and I'm sure he would do the same for a championship and put on a very good event.  I also hope he would get support from the Downs Sailing Club as he has in the past when hosting the Kent Schools Training days.  I know there is some concern about the facilities at the club but at the Downs we hosted the National Schools Championships when the club was only a pre-fab.  We hired awnings, toilet blocks etc. and it seemed to work O.K.  I know the Styles Horneteers would try to help Eric as much as possible




Posted By: Harry Ashworth
Date Posted: 06 July 2005 at 13:38

Looking at Duncan's posts about Dale it looks as though entries will be down this year, could this be due to the remoteness of the venue and lack of accomodation / amenities? Sandwich sounds similar.

Filey is a good venue with plenty to do for families and also plenty of "seaside" accom. Could we not tag onto the Javelins there? Or is there some prejudice against going "oop north"?

What about ( in no particular order)

Highcliffe / Christchurch, Sidmouth, Shoreham, Lyme Regis, Abersoch, Swanage

all possibly with another class?


Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 14 July 2005 at 18:14

Eric Marchbanks has raised this as an item for discussion at the AGM but it seems a good idea to start here as many of you will not be at Dale.

Interesting suggestions from Harry

Sandwich - When agenda is circulated you will see that Sandwich has quite a lot to offer. Plus there are local sailors in Kent who would support the event (I think this is our biggest problem at Dale)

Filey - no prejudice just unknown territory for the Hornet class. Although there are no Hornets, a joint event with Javelins would boost overall numbers. Long way from Starcross, 330 miles!

Highcliffe - Went there 1994, we were made most unwelcome!

Sidmouth - Tricky launching with on shore breeze. I believe the surf parties used to catch the Scorpions as they came into the beach. Not sure if they would fancy doing the same with the Hornet! Nice place though

Shoreham - Once a Hornet favourite but has since lost favour. Bit grim, not exactly a holiday resort

Lyme Regis - Excellent venue, tried many times to go there. Unfortunately they are not allowed to organise events during the summer holidays (Courcil regs)

Abersoch - They are hardly likely to entertain us unless we were to join Abersoch week, we are too small a fleet. if we join the regatta we would have to share everything courses, limited local accomodation, etc.

Swanage - Lovely place but I don't recall them ever holding a long championship. 


Posted By: ultimatum
Date Posted: 25 July 2005 at 20:53

I am new to the class so will wind my neck in if suggestions are off the wall but has anyone considered using Falmouth Week as suitable for Nationals too.

The organisers wil run separate starts for any fleet over 10 boats. It has been used by good number of classes in past years, offers fantastic sailing waters in the company of all sorts of different types of boat but with different courses and excellent organisation.

Restronguet Sailing Club playing major part this year. Wayfarers got highest entry for many years in 2000 with 76 boats. Is excellent holiday venue which would appeal to travellers from abroad. I have been for last 6 years. Always second week in August. Worth canvassing opinion perhaps ? Party in different Carrick Roads club every night. Try it for a change, why not??



Posted By: NED-154
Date Posted: 10 August 2005 at 06:45

We've been to the Sandwich open this year.
Good racing, nice people, nice entourage, ampel campingground and easy to reach. Just the slipway needs some looking after.

Knowing that the Polish people are planning on coming to the Championships in 2006 I think it should be a location that is easy to reach and not too far to drive. If you want to draw them that is...

It also means it's easy to reach for other foreighners obviously, possibly drawing them aswell.

Looking forward to what location it will be.



no power no glory

Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 16 August 2005 at 12:38

Next year's championship will be hosted by Sandwich Bay SWSSC

Dates: 5th-11th or 12th-18th August depending upon tides

Eric Marchbanks will be providing more details in the near future

Posted By: Duncan West
Date Posted: 02 September 2005 at 10:09

Hi all,

I hope all that went to the 2005 Nationals at Dale had a good time and congratulations to Mike and Tim, on an impressive performance.


The 2006 nationals will be held in the superb sailing view of Sandwich bay, and to make this an enjoyable week, are there any thoughts and feed back that we could implement for 2006. If you did not attend the nationals your views are very important to.


Particular areas of interest are;

How to increase competitor numbers.

Timing, number and duration of races.

Evening social activates and events.


I look forward to hearing many helpful suggestions,



Posted By: Mud of Maldon
Date Posted: 04 September 2005 at 10:52

Being a Hornet sailor who owns a family, I have them to consider. Entertainment for children as well as partners must be considered in order to attract more competitors. Length of time on the water is also a consideration, as many partners may not be interested in the sailing activities. For those of us who cannot afford more than one holiday a year, efforts must be made to keep these family members happy. Perhaps we can look into the various activities in the area.


Posted By: Olly Turner
Date Posted: 06 September 2005 at 18:38

Having just looked at the yacht club website, I beleive that 2006 could well be the year of the Hornets.  On a slightly differant approach I beleive that the rejuvenation of the class is held by each region individually-if each club make a real push for new and existing members (especially youths) to make it to Sandwich then the class would be lifted hugely.

Liking the sound of a dancefloor! aslong as a certain threesome will be attending next year! (Jules, Lou, Jo)



Posted By: Duncan West
Date Posted: 07 September 2005 at 10:45

just been on the web site my self, looks good 

the address is -

see you there.


Posted By: jezzer
Date Posted: 11 September 2005 at 22:08
 A personal view of the nationals with a family


A great place to sail as long as it not a nationals, should have brought the Mirror for the apres sail the lad would have loved it.

Weighing boats in was open to lots of potential criticism

Catering was excellent but was expensive for what you got, no pudding!

Good beer, traditional ales etc in the club house, and B&B in walking distance cant beat it!

Could not see the marks on the first day, apparently in use at another venue, thats bad news at a National event.

180 deg wind shift way through one race and the race officer did not can it! Again bad race management.

Lovely place for my wife and son, crabbing(5 in one go), rock pools, beaches etc excellent weather for the shore based.

Some great social evenings with my 3 yr old made very welcome, shame about his dads dancing!

How about windward leeward courses as an option, makes it more tactical rather than getting rolled on the reaches depending on the wind speed and weight in the boat.

Well done Mike Mac figging awesome sailing!

Dave Edge, can I have my junior hacksaw back please!

Well done Duncan I am sure it must have been stressful, it was an excellent week overall



Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 12 September 2005 at 18:27

It was apparent at the AGM that the most negative aspect of the week was the race management. The heavily biased startlines and the one-tack first beats all warranted restarts. However, binning a race because the wind shifted 180 degrees half way through the race, I'm not so sure. If we knew the wind was going to behave the way it did we probably wouldn't have started until 2pm each day. Based on discussions with the local sailors, I got the impression that the arrival of the 2nd sea breeze was not normally as consistant as we experienced during our week. It was very frustrating though!

On hindsight we should have cancelled the boat weighing (my personal opinion) as it became apparent very late in the day that there were some strange measurements. In our defence, the original intention was to use RYA sclales with the boat suspended underneath. Unfortunately RYA informed us that they were broken during the week leading up to our championships. The replacement scales had been used "very successfully" at the Shearwater championships, and in the past pressure pads have not caused any problems but we obviously encountered unexpected problems.

Windward/leeward? Next thing you'll be suggesting the adoption of bowsprit and a bigger sail.... Joking apart, I think if we lost the reaches for championship races I would probably stop sailing Hornets. There is nothing more satisfying than using the kite on a bumpy reach!

Thanks Duncan for a great week.





Posted By: jezzer
Date Posted: 13 September 2005 at 10:50

Hi Tom

As you are probably aware I didn't make the AGM, I guess thats the difficulty of taking your family to a nationals, I didn't think it fair to my wife to disappear again having been sailing for the day.

Mud of Maldon at the beginning of this thread makes some very valid points if the class is to attract the family element, maybe we should look at what other classes do. I think there were only three people with kids at Dale.

Lets just forget about the boat weighing, slings only to be used in future!

180 deg wind shifts just make it a lottery, thats my opinion, I have sailed in other national events with the likes of Ken Falcon as race officer, he would have canned it no questions asked.

With regard to the reaches I totally agree, a reach with the kite fully powered is hard to equal, I remember Teignmouth last year the Friday was fantastic. Unfortunately what usually happens is some great luffing match with bunches of boats seeing how close to the wind they can get with the kite up! Then running to the wing mark. Or else you go low and get rolled. Maybe we should make the first downwind leg a run and the next downwind a reach.

I guess some of my frustration was down to the fact that the first beats were too short to spread the fleet at Dale. I checked the sailing instructions and there is no recommended length for the first beat, perhaps that should be considered for future events or is the race officer advised on a separate notice?

More thoughts on courses:

A windward leeward course as an option would allow the race officer to get more races in if we had lost some.

In my experience the trapezoidal course rarely works well, is difficult to set and isn't a very good option.

How about a reverse P course, I have sailed whose in Solos and they were good, in theory should be easier to set than the trapezoidal option.



Posted By: Duncan West
Date Posted: 15 September 2005 at 10:51

thanks for the coments, keep them coming.

will take all views in to account, and try to make the event family frendly, glad to hear your son had fun Jeremy (with Olly on the dance floor he should have a role modle !! LOL

on the race officer, agree not the standerd i would have expeced, or wish to have at an event. Will monerter closely for future events. you do compare our officer with the best (ken).

we have a committee meeting at Netley on the 24th September and will discuse points.





Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 16 September 2005 at 16:18

I would like to nominate Jeremy & Muddy as the Children's entertainment officers, All in favour?

Joking apart, I totally agree that the families (children and partners) need to have something to look forward to. To realise this we need specific ideas rather than just "something for the kids". So get your thinking caps on.

A few years ago Clare Kelleway suggested the idea of a kids' club ("the Stingers") to held within the championship week. The idea being that the kids would get together and be part of the championship. In terms of activities for them, it could be anything from bouncy castle, face painting, rounders (not extreme frisbee!!) day trip to theme park or alike (which perhaps could be subsidised by the class?).

I think one of the big problems about organising something like this is finding someone to organise it ashore, unfortunately us selfish lot are all out enjoying ourselves on the water!

So specific ideas are very welcome.....


Posted By: Olly Turner
Date Posted: 18 September 2005 at 13:01

  Speaking on courses, in my expeirience the best courses are set by the Merlin Rockets.  They have the start line at about a third up the beat from the lee-ward mark, this means that you go straight through the gate as soon as you round the mark.  Once you have done so, you then have the entire beat to play with-rather then just half.

  Another idea the merlins have is a fancy dress night-based on the name of your boat!  This is very popular and is a right laugh if everyone does it. 

  Still thinking about the family aspect.....

  Jeremy, did you find Thunderbird 1?


Posted By: jezzer
Date Posted: 18 September 2005 at 20:32


Found at Dale,  now lost in Stourbridge Kids eh!


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