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Opens 2014

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Topic: Opens 2014
Posted By: H1964
Subject: Opens 2014
Date Posted: 12 September 2013 at 09:32
I have been in touch with Eric to say that we would welcome the class at Bough Beech SC. Whilst an inland club we have 240+ acres and are relatively central and easy to access. -

Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 12 September 2013 at 11:45
From 2013 AGM minutes -
 Open Meetings
A wide ranging discussion took place on the subject. It was not felt that we would be able to get 
sailors to commit earlier to enter events but that a range of events round the country should still be 
offered. The main conclusion was, that as well as a few Opens, we should focus on a small number of 
open regatta events such as Thorpe Bay regatta, Exe regatta, Rutland and a Menai Straits event. These would take place regardless of the class and our entry numbers but we could offer our own trophies and points for a Travellers Trophy. It was agreed to ask all members to submit ideas and offers as soon as possible so that the committee could suggest events that we could concentrate on.

Please use this thread to propose your thoughts and ideas - thanks

Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 12 September 2013 at 12:16
Originally posted by H1964 H1964 wrote:

I have been in touch with Eric to say that we would welcome the class at Bough Beech SC. Whilst an inland club we have 240+ acres and are relatively central and easy to access. -

Moved from championships thread - Tom

Posted By: Harry Ashworth
Date Posted: 12 September 2013 at 16:40
Would it be 1 or 2 days please? Rough date(s)?

Posted By: floozie 2115
Date Posted: 23 September 2013 at 20:24
PDSC committee would love to have the hornets for an open.
H's race is going to be the 12th of July 2014 so we suggest another race sat after H's race and 3 on Sunday 13th (so would be a 4 race open 3 to count) £20 entry half goes to H's charity.
H sailed hornets for a while. It is a different sort of race along the strait past Caernarfon and back with a loop in front of Plas Menai where he spent a lot of time sailing and working. There were over 50 boats for it this year 2 of them hornets and a great social on the Saturday night, accommodation with club members in Spare rooms. 
We would offer to share it with some of the other fleets that have open events with us too.
If the date doesn't work with the hornet calender then there are other events at PD that hornets could join in with. 
what does everybody think?
Jo x

Posted By: Mud of Maldon
Date Posted: 25 September 2013 at 20:43
I would love to come. 

Posted By: Eric
Date Posted: 25 September 2013 at 22:15

Hi Trevor, as promised, this was discussed at the committee meeting last night and I am to make contact with regards to holding our Final Fling at Bough Beech next year, sometime late September early October…..could you put to your committee Smile .

Kind regards



Posted By: H1964
Date Posted: 01 October 2013 at 16:46
Hi Eric, I have sent you the available dates. 


Posted By: Dick Garry
Date Posted: 07 October 2013 at 12:00
River Exe Regatta confirmed for 21st - 22nd June 2014.

This event will be hosted & run by Topsham S.C. and we will be racing for their Hornet 'Open Door' Trophy.

Dick G.

Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 21 October 2013 at 10:16
Website updated with latest 2014 events -

Posted By: CLINT
Date Posted: 08 April 2014 at 13:11
Very happy to confirm we now have an Open for September (20th/21st). We will be joining the Contender / Byte Open at Weston Sailing Club. I would just like to thank Dawn and Toby for making this possible.

Posted By: CLINT
Date Posted: 10 April 2014 at 09:24
Very happy to confirm we now have an Open for September (20th/21st). We will be joining the Contender / Byte Open at Weston Sailing Club. I would just like to thank Dawn and Toby for making this possible.

Posted By: Gary
Date Posted: 02 September 2014 at 23:14
We are going to the Weston open on 20/21st Sep.   However, we cannot see any details on this website and the Weston website does not list a Hornet meeting. I was going to register/list our attendance and check who else will be there, but can’t find any list. There is also nothing to announce that Toby has generously offered to run some unofficial training, including on the water, on the preceding Friday, to help tune our Hornets and get expert help with what we could be doing differently/better, or just practice before the races. The Southampton boat show is also just down the road, so easy to combine the boat show Thursday, training Friday and racing the weekend. Sounds like a good plan. Finally, it’s Bart’s Bash on the 21st, and Toby said the Hornets will be included at Weston. I have already registered for that, so I got on a list after all.


Posted By: Tobes
Date Posted: 03 September 2014 at 14:05
Hi All

Sorry for the late news on the Weston Open and also for the club being slow to update the meeting to include the Hornets. Please be assured that all is going ahead.

Full details of the event will be available this week. No need to pre enter etc, just note your intention to go on here so I can keep the club advised on numbers.

As I said at the Europeans, camping at the club is free and the club will be open from Friday for visitors. The bar will be open on Friday evening and there will be a social on Saturday. Food will be available at the club all weekend.

Sunday of the open is Barts Bash. The open will include this event. However you do need to register your intention to race on the Barts Bash website as the club can not do this on your behalf.

If there is enough interest, I am happy to grab a rib from the club to do some training on Friday, probably from late morning through to early/ mid afternoon depending on weather and tides. If there is enough interest I will grab a rib from the club and some marks etc. (the club charge £50 for the hire including fuel). Alternatively if it is low numbers I am happy to jump into either my boat or yours and do some sailing with you.

If anyone is short of a helm or crew for the event, let me know I may be able to find someone for you.

I hope to see you there.

Posted By: Simon
Date Posted: 03 September 2014 at 18:34
I'll be there :)

Posted By: Tobes
Date Posted: 05 September 2014 at 15:07
To date I have confirmed attendance from the following:

Dave and Martin
Stranger and 'some guy called Matt'
Dawn and Simon
Myself (crew tbc)

Those indicating they hope to be there include:

Sam (helm not confirmed yet)
Tim (needs crew)
Dean and Adam

Not heard from:

Mike Owen
Steve Cooke

Both Tom and Kevin are at Netley and could sail there if need be so very little excuse not to turn up! I know Roger Kelleway has broken his mast so will be struggling to get there unless there is a spare mast around that will fit....

Tim and Sam why not pair up??? Eric can two stack a boat if required.

Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 05 September 2014 at 15:56
Only 3 entries so far on BB website, Stangler, Gary and myself....

Posted By: Simon
Date Posted: 05 September 2014 at 20:04
I've registered, just need to "sign up"...

Posted By: kevin
Date Posted: 07 September 2014 at 21:38
We are coming, not yet registered for BB.

What time is first start on Saturday?


Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 10 September 2014 at 09:00
Any more news about Weston? According to WSC website the start time is 10:00 on Saturday is this correct?

Posted By: Tobes
Date Posted: 10 September 2014 at 09:52
Just waiting for the SI's to be confirmed but yes I understand first race is 10am due to tides.

Posted By: Tobes
Date Posted: 15 September 2014 at 12:29
Nor for weston here -

Barts bash entry here -

Posted By: Sam Woolner
Date Posted: 18 September 2014 at 15:58
Hi Guys,

I'm afraid we won't be there this weekend, Will is moving house and I've got to work Saturday and a Dinner & Dance Sat night. I think I'll use the Sunday wisely and start taking my boat apart to go to uncle Tim on Sunday.

Have a great weekend all!


2108 Ultimatum

Exe Sails & Covers



[email protected]

Posted By: floozie 2115
Date Posted: 20 September 2014 at 22:05
Hope you had a good day
How have you all got on?

Posted By: mikethelark
Date Posted: 22 September 2014 at 09:46
Hi Jo

Definately a two day weekend, Saturday varying between a drift around and spiteful puffs, with Toby and Andy stepping only on the stones while the rest of us floundered according to the whims of the wind gods.

Sunday was very different, still shifty and lumpy, between 1 and 4? and definitely suiting Dave & Martin and Strangler and Matt, both boats in a class of their own. A very interesting second race as it was the Bart's Bash event, with 73 boats on the start line, with everything including foiling Moths, Hurricane cats, I14, 49ER, RS200s, 400s, 600s, 800s, Lasers etc, etc, as well as 22 Contenders, and a big number of Bites and Hornets. The first 10 minutes got everyone's attention!

Dave has promised us a race report, so I won't spoil it by giving you the final results, suffice to say it was VERY close!

Mike O

Posted By: floozie 2115
Date Posted: 22 September 2014 at 16:13
Sounds exciting!
Look forward to reading the report,
We gave Bart a good bash here too 43 boats on our start line from 49er to oppies including 9 phantoms visiting for an open. 2 hornets, Corin and I and Alex with his 4 year old daughter crewing for him. 2 of the phantoms gave us a very good race they were perfectly powered and the reaches were just too tight for us to be comfortable. Good fun:-)
Glad you had a good weekend,
Sorry to have missed it.

Posted By: Gary
Date Posted: 26 September 2014 at 19:22
Hornet training.    I would like to record that on the Friday before the Weston open, Toby did as he promised and ran a training session for any interested Hornet sailor or would-be Horneteers, an open invitation for all, as my previous note mentioned. The fact was just Tracey and I turned up, but that was good news for us as Toby devoted all his time to double checking, and significantly re-setting more or less every setting we had! Unfortunately, the tides were not there to do any on the water training, but hopefully next time…….. With the advice on set up, coupled with more general advice Toby bestowed, both verbally and written, we found the session by far the most useful guidance we have had since we bought a boat (previous ad hoc help from various others both gratefully received but notwithstanding). On both racing days, in very fluky wind at times, Tracey and I set about trying to keep up with the other six boats. Without doubt, we were in the mix upwind, cross wind and downwind as, well as most if not all of the others at various times. Fluky wind aside, we even turned in a third place, which was the best result we have ever had. More importantly, with our general boat speed now comparable to others, we really started to pay more attention to what was happening outside the boat and where the wind was coming from and what direction we were going in etc., which is the next big step for us. Of course, we couldn’t leave the season without being true to form, and Tracey and I completely missed the shortened course flag in the last race, so whilst not the last boat passed the committee boat, whilst we were paying more attention to racing other boats, we went the wrong side of the line and returned a DNF! Oh well, next time eh. A massive well done and thank you to Toby, and the Hornet Association.


Posted By: John Shelton
Date Posted: 27 September 2014 at 15:35
Sounds excellent Gary - can I join in next time, could be useful (for me that is)
Now I'm back from NYC, I have to chase someone for a report. Do I assume from Mike's comment that 'Dave' is Dougall Henshall or someone else?
Will be nagging from now on........!

Posted By: mikethelark
Date Posted: 27 September 2014 at 18:07
Hi John, Dave Edge is the man to chase. There is an ambition to run a tuning and training weekend early next year with Toby and Ullmans, ideally end March early April. Interested parties?

Mike O

Posted By: CLINT
Date Posted: 28 September 2014 at 11:33
Sounds like a great idea. Toby, do you think Weston would have us back and maybe an earlier in the calendar open so you could do training on the Friday?

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