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Teignmouth Feedback

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Topic: Teignmouth Feedback
Posted By: Administrator
Subject: Teignmouth Feedback
Date Posted: 17 August 2004 at 10:03
So the championships are over for another year, well at least on the sailing side.

Your committee needs your "gloves off" feedback ready for a de-brief with Teign Corinthian on the 26th August and as input to make next years championships even better. So come on get writing.

Posted By: Brett
Date Posted: 17 August 2004 at 15:33

OK I'll start it off.

The most obvious problem was Easterlies, difficult to see how they could deal with that, other than launching in the harbour.

The ramp worked well, but could do with being at least one plank wider. It was also suggested to me that, if the ramp was contructed over a groyne we would have more beach avalible. Also that if they opened up the top of one of the groynes they would double the beach/launching area?

They probably needed more people in the water at retrevial time?

They need to provide a hosing off area that is away from the ramp.

I though the on the water organisation was very good and they turned the races round very quickly.

What is the feeling re trapezoid courses?

The showers in the Lido were terrible.

Car parking worked well and was reasonable.

Atmosphere in the club was good but we need a sit down venue for a formal meal/gala dinner.

What are we looking for in the way of socials?

Would you want to go back ther in 3 or 4 years time?

That's all I can think of for now.

Please have your say, we need to know what you guys and girls are looking for and Teignmouth are keen to improve their act.




Posted By: Lis Woods
Date Posted: 17 August 2004 at 18:53

How about  sound signals that you can hear on the water  eg guns,  and some flags that are big enought to see.

Might it help if a rib crossed the fleet on general recall?



Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 18 August 2004 at 10:14

"The ramp worked well, but could do with being at least one plank wider"

The plastic boats are only 30mm wider in total, does this really justify a whole plank more.....


Posted By: Rob S
Date Posted: 18 August 2004 at 11:38

In general a well organised and enjoyable event - shame about the unbookable weather.

Changing facilities could certainly do with an upgrade.  Glad they sorted out the bar opening times early on in the week - even if you did have to be changed first.  Venue for the buffet / prize giving was too small.  I think the club certainly missed out not providing any galley facilities in the morning or after racing.  As for the trapezoid - most enjoyable, shame we only managed it once.  A couple of longer races would of been nice.

On the plus side, nice friendly club.  Registration was well organised, food was very nice.  Launching and recovery was o.k. and we always had our trolley waiting for us.  

Posted By: Harry Ashworth
Date Posted: 18 August 2004 at 13:22

1.The risk of being unable to launch in an Easterly creates a big doubt about the venue.

2."Umpire 1" was pompous and patronising.

3. It was appalling that a redress hearing was held in the bar - private facilities are essential.

4. I totally agree about the inaudible sound signals, especially with the current 5 min sequence.

5.The town was fine with a variety of accom and entertainment for family - cleanest public toilets ever!

6. The beach party was inadequate and young / strong wetsuited people in the surf should have been provided.


The following applies to the Hornet side of things:-

7. There was no scrutineering so we got up at 0430 for nothing

8. There should have been a measurer on sat as promised, 0800 on raceday is a bit late if there is a measurement problem.

9. How far ahead is the class planning future venues? If we are too small for quality venues what about doubling up with another class?


Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 23 August 2004 at 10:08
Hi Harry,
Did you get my message?
not sure if this private message thing works?

Posted By: Tom Guy
Date Posted: 23 August 2004 at 13:55

Thanks everyone for their contribution so far. It gives the committee something to work on. Although TCYC are hoping for our feedback this week, this time limit does not apply to us so your comments however late will be gratefully received.

As for my own comments:

1. Firstly a big thank you has to go to Brett for organising a great  championship with minimal assistance, other than the committee's feedback on occasions. This does highlight one of the eternal problems with the championship management i.e. it is left in the hands of one person to sort all the issues. I'm sure on hindsight, like his predecessors in this post, he would enlisted some more help from his local fleet. This is something we need to discuss within the committee, but ultimately I think we will need divide the work in to more managable tasks in an effort to reduce the workload on the main organiser. I know from personal experience, this role does not enhance your sailing at the championship! Of course, outwardly I suspect that very few people realised how busy Brett was leading up to and during the week. Well done Brett.

2. The easterly's were unfortunate for us (although the waves were good fun). I agree that we would have to question its suitability for this reason. However, I wonder how many venues we have vistied over the last few years would have allowed to launch with a decent on shore breeze. (Pwhelli, Thorpe Bay, Lowestoft?). One to consider..

3. Just a couple of comments regarded Harry's issues directed to the class:

Scrutineering - those who have been with the class for a number of years will realise that we are not over officious when in comes to measurement. In past years this has been restricted to weighing of boats and possible checks of black bands. This year, there was no weighing organised partly because of the hassle (poor excuse unless you are one organising it!) but more importantly because there were no news boats. I already of a couple of re-deckings planned for next year, so weighing will back on the cards. In all fairness, scrutineering did not happen because it revolves the same few people to organise who were already overloaded. In the future, we will clearer about what form it will take. Refer to pint 2 about management of this task in future championships.

Measurement - my fault. When our measuring Jim Wood sent me his apologises for the AGM and the championship, I forgot to link his measurement role with the championship (work sometimes gets in the way). Brett was busy trying to find a measurer during the week leading up to the championship, but the best we could do was Sunday morning. Again it does highlight another issue in that we have only one measurer who is an active sailor in the class. With a slight sloping of my shoulders i will pass this back to our Technical Representative.

Future venues - big subject with lots of history. Planning a week long championship venues with a relatively small has become very difficult task which is why we have recently moved to less established venues. Having had our fingers burnt once for a much lower than expected attendance at Pwhelli, we are reluctant to commit the class too much financially. Even where we have agreement with clubs, this is no guarantee that the club will fulfill their promise (Looe 2003 - it did not happen).

To reduce the financial burden, we have shared with other classes. However without exception I think I would be right in stating that the sharing has been detrimental to the event as a whole. For example we shared Penzance with Contenders but the club could not cope with the numbers in the clubhouse or in the dinghy park. Most importantly despite sailing the same courses and being of similar speed, the fleets were not compatiable on the water. I think we would probably accuse the Contenders of being a little too aggressive for our liking. And I think this is the nub of the problem, trying to find a compatiable fleet on and off the water at a suitable club.

I would welcome any suggestions for suitable fleets/clubs, perhaps this should be raised as a separate subject.





Posted By: Strangler
Date Posted: 23 August 2004 at 22:54

Something I meant to mention at the time but forgot-

One of the support boats had RESCUE or similar written along the hull. I presume this was from the Surf and Life Saving Club. This seems to be bad practise if this boat is only patrolling the racing. The race committee could be laying themselves open to a serious liability claim from joe public.


Course laid too close to shore in offshore winds.


Gate was very short in one race.


Olympic triangle- reaches too broad ie too short.


The dolphins did not know the right of way rules.


Better if the weeks parking was Sat to Fri rather than Sun to Sat.


Lido showers did improve half way thru week


Would I go back – “does a one-legged duck swim in circles”.

Cheers Strangler

Posted By: Strangler
Date Posted: 07 September 2004 at 19:22

Champs photos can be found at -

Posted By: Eric Marchbanks
Date Posted: 23 September 2004 at 18:42

My reply is nearly as late as my starts as of late!      

Still here goes:

Having been involved with organising more than a few Championships etc, I fully echo Tom's support of Greg. I think as a class we need more sailing on open water,Tongue unfortunately this does involve more pannic when winds are strong and onshore. I guess as some managed without complaint (well not much anyway) with fixed rudders we should all have managed.

For me, the biggest problem with launching at Teignmouth was the amount and closeness of the groins, whilst the buoy rope anchored off assisted some ashore I was never shore of its benefits when launching and in fact thought it made the situation more dangerous - still everyone survived - and remember John & Doreen Waddington at (dare I say it) around pensionable age coped and went out in all races run without any complaint - a good lesson for me in how to enjoy your sailing.

I would go back there from the launching point of view if the event was run further along the bay toward the pier as discussed and water was on tap there to wash off - I would have thought a mediteranean style external shower run off the external water tap where we changed would have been better than the lido (at least would have washed off wetsuit at same time!) Could this be organised, and what would the logistics for changing etc.

I think we should be looking at smaller clubs, and those who have active members in the vicinity. When we looked at Lowestoft, we also considered Sandwich, (I actually voted for Lowestoft on the basis it was a new venue for me) but there are clubs that that would do a Championship cheaply and have facilities available better than at Teignmouth, where the onshore in club entertainment would better Teignmouth, free camping etc We used to discount these sorts of clubs as they were outside tourist areas,i.e. on the East coast, but then how deeply do we look (in fact Sandwich has four of the highest visited tourism places within 12 miles of its doors). I am certain there are other similar small clubs around.

Best of luck to Duncan who is CHampionship Sec this year and anything I can do to help in some small way give me a yell, perhaps others will volunteer their help &/or clubs as well?

Best Regards

Eric Marchbanks

Hornet 2178

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