Class Association

What the association does for you, and some reasons why you should join if you sail a Hornet …

Without a strong and active class association a class dinghy would have but a short lived life. The Hornet has thrived as a class over the last 70 years because an active class association has been working hard behind the scenes to maintain the class and boat as a whole.

Aims and activities of the class association:

  1. Promotion of the class to the public
  2. Encourages class development at a sensible pace
  3. Works to maintain residual boat value / prices, and maintain a secondhand boat list
  4. Organises the National & European championships
  5. Coordinates various Open Meetings
  6. Keeping members informed about the Association’s activities
  7. Ensuring Class presence at the Dinghy Exhibition
  8. Produces this website and other social mediums
  9. Sends class newsletter “Mainsheet” and regular class bulletins
  10. Maintains a class boat for trial sails


Full membership of the Class Association costs only £35 per year, with reduced rates for Junior and Non-sailing memberships.

Online membership form – BACS or standing payments only

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