The full title of the Association shall be the RYA NATIONAL HORNET CLASS ASSOCIATION, this may be abbreviated to the “Hornet Class”. The Class Flag shall be the “Third Substitute”.


Throughout these Rules the following defined terms will be used:

(a) “The National Association” shall mean the Hornet Class Association.

(b) “The Committee” shall mean the Committee of the Association, consisting of elected Committee Members.

(c) “The National Association Rules” shall mean the Rules governing the conduct of the National Association.

(d) “The National Association Register” shall mean the register of owners of the Hornet Class with their addresses, number of boat, to be kept as hereafter provided.

(e) “The Hornet Class” shall mean the class of sailing boat designed by Jack Holt and made in accordance with the current RYA measurement form/rules, and known under the name: The Hornet

(f) “The Class Rules” shall mean the rules relating to specification, construction and measurement controls of the Hornet Class as defined in the Hornet measurement rules to enable each Hornet so measured to be a recognised boat within the Hornet Class for class racing purposes.

(g) “The Sail Number” shall mean the Sail Number allocated to the boat.

(h) “The Hon. Secretary” shall mean the elected or appointed National Class Hon. Secretary of the Hornet Class.

(i) “Measurement Certificate” shall mean a certificate as defined in the Class Rules to be issued, ratified and endorsed as hereinafter provided and recording the following items to include:-

(i) The Sail Number and initial ownership of a Hornet and any changes in ownership.

(ii) The fact that such Hornet originally complied with the Class Rules in completion of construction, together with such particulars as may be required by the Class Rules.

(j) “Fleet” shall mean six or more registered Hornets at any one sailing club.

(k) “Owner” and “Joint Owner” shall mean any person or persons, corporation or association entered on a certificate as owner or joint owner of a Hornet.


The objectives of the Association are to promote and further the interests of the Hornet Class and to represent the interest of owners of the Hornet racing dinghy as follows:

(a) to keep members informed of developments concerning the Hornet Class and any proposals concerning Hornet Class Rules.

(b) to organise Championships and to co-ordinate the programme for other races for the Hornet Class.

(c) to encourage National and International competition in Britain and Europe for the Hornet Class.

(d) to ensure and govern conformity on any matters relating to the Hornet Class Measurement Rules for any one sailing a Hornet abroad and for any future International Association.


(a) The following classes of membership shall be recognised:

(i) Full Membership
(ii) Junior Membership
(iii) Non-Sailing Membership
(iv) Honorary Membership

(b) Full Membership shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription be open to anyone owning and/or sailing a Hornet, a joint owner, or in the case of a Hornet owned by a corporation or Association, to a nominated representative of that organisation.

(c) Junior Membership shall, on payment of the prescribed annual subscription be open to any owner or crew of a Hornet providing they have not reached the age of 18 on the 1st January of the year the subscription is being paid for. After that age they shall become Full or Associate Members on payment of the appropriate fee.

(d) Honorary Membership shall be open to any person having an interest in the National Association in Britain who is proposed by a Full Member and seconded by at least one member of the Committee and is elected by Members of the National Association at any General Meeting of the National Association. Honorary membership is gifted for life.

(e) Non-Sailing Membership shall be open to any person wishing to support the objectives of the association and who is elected to such membership by the committee. Non-Sailing Members are not entitled to vote, and shall not become members of the Committee

(g) Members shall be bound by the National Association Rules.

(h) All Members of the Hornet Class Association entering a Hornet in races which consist of, or include, the class shall be bound by the Measurement Rules.

· Both the helm and crew of a boat must be Full Members to sail in the Championships and the Helm must be a Full Member to compete at Open Meetings.

· Only Full Members and Honorary Members of the Hornet Class Association shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting of the National Association, or in a postal ballot.


(a) The National Association shall control the affairs of the Hornet Class which shall be managed by the Committee. The Committee shall be the only body empowered to make recommendations to the Hornet Class for changes in the National Association Rules or the Class Rules.

(b) The Committee shall consist of not less than six and not more than ten full members of the Association, elected annually at a General Meeting of Members (subject to (c) below), or by postal vote, as Committee Members.

(c) Elected Committee Members (other than the Chairman, Hon. Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Hon. Secretary see (e) below) shall stand for re-election at each Annual General Meeting.

(d) The Committee need not fill a vacancy arising in the Committee unless the total number of Committee Members has dropped below the minimum of six. Committee Members appointed to fill vacancies shall remain in office until the expiry of the term of office of the person whose position they have filled.

(e) The Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer shall serve for a term of three years subject to resignation and thereafter may continue to serve in the same capacity only if elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting is empowered to vote to insist on the resignation of the Commodore, Chairman, Hon. Secretary or Hon. Treasurer should it become necessary.

(f) At meetings of the Committee, one-third of the elected Members shall form a quorum.

(g) The Committee shall have power to make recommendations to the Members in General Meetings, or by post, for amendments to the National Association Rules.

(h) The Committee may arrange an Annual National Championship of the Hornet Class.

(i) At least three weeks notice of the date, place and agenda for any Committee Meeting must be given in writing, either by post or electronically, by the Hon. Secretary to each Committee Member. Any business conducted by correspondence shall always be circulated through the Hon. Secretary and any Committee Member not answering a motion communicated to him in writing within three weeks of the date of sending shall be deemed to have agreed to such a motion.


Subject to the provision of these Rules, and in particular to the objectives of the National Association, as expressed in Rule 3, the Committee shall be empowered to perform all functions of management and administration.

The Committee shall have powers to co-opt any person to assist it, whether a full member of the Hornet Class or not, but such persons shall have no vote in Committee.

The committee shall have powers to appoint sub-committees and delegate them such powers as it deems fit.

The making of payments shall be validly evidenced only by the joint signatures of any two of the Chairman, Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Secretary


(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Hornet Class shall be held, unless the committee otherwise determines, at the venue of the National Championship. If the AGM is held at any other time or place, six weeks written notice thereof shall be given to each member of the National Association.

(b) A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Chairman or Hon. Secretary upon receipt by the Hon. Secretary of a written request, signed by not fewer than fifteen Full Members of the Hornet Class. Such meeting shall be held within eight weeks of a valid request having been received. Only that business for which the meeting has been called shall be transacted.

(c) At least six weeks written notice shall be given to Members of any General Meeting.

(d) At General Meetings and Committee Meetings decisions shall be limited to matters on the agenda, and shall be carried by a majority vote. Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded by not fewer than three of the Full Members present. At any meeting the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Hon. Secretary shall be responsible for circulating all Members, or in the case of Committee Meetings, all Committee Members, with the result of any voting. In the event of a postal ballot, all returns shall be made to the Hon. Secretary within two weeks of the date of posting the ballot paper.

(e) At any General Meeting of the Hornet Class, eleven shall form a quorum.

(f) At the Annual General Meeting of the Hornet Class, the membership shall:

(i) Elect a Commodore if required, who shall remain as Commodore for life, or until resignation.

(ii) Elect a Chairman of the Hornet Class. The Chairman must be a Member of the Association. The Chairman shall be counted as one Member of the Committee of ten.

(iii) Elect a Hon. Secretary. The Hon. Secretary shall be counted as one Member of the Committee of ten. The Hon. Secretary shall keep correct Minutes and records of all Committee and General Meetings, and shall be responsible for communicating the decisions of the Committee to Members of the Hornet Class.

(iv) Elect a Hon. Treasurer. The Hon. Treasurer shall control the funds of the Hornet Class: make such disbursements, as the Committee shall direct: present an annual financial statement at each Annual General Meeting. The Hon. Secretary may act as Hon. Treasurer. If the Hon. Treasurer is a different person from the Hon. Secretary, then the Hon. Treasurer will also count as one of the ten Committee Members.

(v) Appoint an Auditor who shall verify the annual financial statement in accordance with the Hornet Class’ accounting and other records.


(a) Subscriptions payable for all classes of membership of the Hornet Class shall be payable annually and shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and shall become due on 1st January of the following year. A member joining the Hornet Class after 1st October, whose subscription has been paid for that year, shall not be liable to pay his subscription for the ensuing calendar year.

(b) Any Member whose subscription has not been paid within three months of the date due may have his name removed from the list of Members of the Hornet Class by the Committee. A Member’s name may be restored to the National Association Register, at the discretion of the Committee, on payment of any subscription due.


(a) The Committee shall cause true accounts to be kept in accordance with consistent accounting policies applicable to non-profit making organisations giving particulars of:

(i) All monies, assets and liabilities of the Hornet Class.

(ii) All monies received and expended by the Hornet Class and the reasons for such receipts and expenditure.

(b) The Committee shall cause the annual financial statement to be prepared and presented at every Annual General Meeting of the National Association.

(c) A copy of the annual financial statement, verified by an independent party as being in accordance with the Hornet Class’ accounting and other records, prepared for presentation at a General Meeting shall, not less than six weeks prior to such General Meeting, be sent to every Full Member of whose address the Committee is aware.


The Hornet Class shall promote the maintenance of fair racing within the designed character of the Class.


Any alteration to the National Association Rules shall be passed at the AGM by a majority of at least two-thirds of those members present and entitled to vote. Notice of any alteration of the National Association Rules shall be received in writing at least twenty-eight days before an AGM and any notice thereof shall be given by the Hon. Secretary to each member in writing at least twenty-one days before such meeting.


It shall be necessary to give notice as aforesaid, in Rule 7 of The National Association Rules, of any motion to dissolve The National Association and such motion must be passed by a majority of at least three-fourths of those present and entitled to vote. On such dissolution, the assets of The National Association shall be paid or transferred to such person or body as the meeting, by a simple majority, shall decide and in default of agreement to The RYA.


The Committee, or The National Association at an AGM or EGM, may refer any motion to decision of the members by postal ballot subject to the following conditions :-

· Ballot papers shall be dispatched so as to reach members in the ordinary course of the post at least six weeks before they are due to be returned. A member not answering the motion by the cut-off date shall be deemed to have agreed to such motion.

· Each motion submitted shall be susceptible to answer by “Yes” or “No”.

· The Hon. Secretary shall send any motion directly to The Committee and on receipt of adequate copies of any motion from a member shall within three days thereof also send out such motion but at the expense of the member concerned.

· The Hon. Secretary shall certify the results of the ballot in writing.

· Any motion decided as aforesaid shall be deemed to have been decided at an AGM or EGM as the case may be, subject to their having been decided by an appropriate majority of those actually returning ballot papers.


Notices shall be deemed to have been duly served if posted by ordinary prepaid first class letter post to the last known address of a member. In the case of Joint Owners of dinghies, notice shall be sent to the one named first on the membership records. The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting or ballot to, or non-receipt of notice shall not invalidate that ballot or the proceedings at that meeting.